Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez (Experimentations)

Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez @ Hitz Boxing Fight Night 11/2014.

Going through the archives, I found a batch of shots I took with my then new Canon Powershot camera.  I tested out the optical zoom and got these photos of Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez from my seat facing the ring a bit further back.  It was an entertaining night of fights presented by Hitz Boxing. 

Most of these were taken while there was a little hiatus in the fight as Mike’s opponent had to get his boxing glove taped up again.  It lasted for a good bit of time and Mike kept his cool but countered getting “cold” by moving around on the opposite side of the ring (anxious to get back into action).

The Hitz Boxing Fight Night was a great deal of fun and the matches were pretty good that night.  If you are a boxing fan or are curious as to what a night of fights would be like, I highly recommend going.  Bobby Hitz puts on a great presentation and it always feels like a touch of Vegas comes to Chicago.

These photos are not anything special but I liked the memory of a great night and the break in the action.  Thus, these have been posted.

Special thanks to Shawna and Frankie Scalise for having me down to take pics of him backstage also.  They are the ones that gave me the pass and tickets and I got some photos of him as he prepared for his fight (you may have seen those on their Facebook page).

To view the individual photos and to see the rest of some of the boxing photos I have posted, visit my Flickr “Boxing”  photo album here.

More from the archives, I’m sure!




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