– This was a snapshot of life at the time of this post.




Start: 12/29/2013

Selfie with Samsung S3 amd post treatment with “Paper Camera”  and Flickr Android app.

Text –  1/3/2014

Joined an FB group project for “52” photos of you(any part but please keep it clean)

Typing/SwiftKey Flow-ing about challenges with arm,  music,  food and other things creative while observing safety concerns and healing of arm.   So many cool things made possible by the use of technology.

Though Flickr looks ridiculous and has a convoluted interface (basically trying to be too visually clever)  I am “starting there”  to post photos and browse to be inspired  I want to revisit full-sized pictures  I will also be trying out some different visual styles etc.

This includes all of my other projects that inhabit other artistic and creative realms. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Returning to avenues of expression that I love (and never stopped  doing/partaking in)  but with a different focus.   I join those of you that are making 2014  the year of going after what you want with passion.

Life never stopped.   It was just different.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Ready…  Set…  Go.


PS:  Not really expecting anyone to read,  but if you do,  please share your blog,  Facebook or any other social media you are on.   I am looking at focusing on communication and interaction to an even fuller and enriching level.   If it is something you don’t want to share in public,  feel free to message me.

I would love to talk shop or maybe arrange for photo meetups or group photo  projects.   Let’s do this.

– This was a snapshot of life at the time of this post.